Prevent Housing Discrimination


Know the law and avoid engaging in prohibited activities against protected classes while renting your properties.

Federal, state, and local Fair Housing laws define the following as protected classes:

  • Disability

  • Age

  • Sexual orientation

  • Military status

  • Victims of domestic or dating violence

  • Source of income (City of Rochester)

  • Race or color

  • National origin

  • Religion

  • Sex

  • Familial status

  • Marital status


Prohibited Actions by Housing Providers 

Federal, state, and local Fair Housing laws PROHIBIT the following action by landlords, property managers, maintenance staff, real estate agents, and insurance companies involved in the sale or rental of housing when those actions are based on a person’s protected class.

  • Refusal to rent or sell a house or apartment

  • Denial that a house or apartment is available when it is

  • Setting different conditions or privileges for sale or rental of real property

  • Providing different services or facilities

  • Advertising or making any statement that indicated a preference based on race, color, national origin, religion, or other protected class

Contact us to learn more about special protections for individuals with a disability and active members of the U. S. military.