Foreclosure Prevention


Our Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Programs assist homeowners who are behind or having difficulties in making their mortgage payments. We’re here to help you with services that are free and confidential.


What can you do if you find yourself falling behind in your mortgage payments? 

The goal of The Housing Council at PathStone is to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. If you already have an appointment or would like to make an appointment, download the Foreclosure Prevention Intake Form and call our intake specialist at 585.546.3700 ext. 3036 or toll-free at (1)833.229.8973. We offer appointments in person or by phone.

What to Expect:

During the appointment, your counselor will discuss your situation with you, including:

  • What caused your financial difficulty

  • A review and analysis of your monthly household expenses and income

  • An explanation of the New York State Foreclosure Process and what options are available for your situation

We create the best action plan suitable for each individual client, which is provided at the end of the appointment.

Your counselor will communicate with your lender and answer ANY questions you have during this process. Your file will remain open with your counselor through the entire process.