Community Services


About our Community Services

We at the Housing Council are concerned not just about the clients we see, but about the broader regional and national forces at work that bring them to us in the first place. To this end we have conducted original research, built relationships and collaborated with other organizations working on many of the same issues, and produced information that help us understand more of the way our world works. As we build on these resources, this section will also grow. Please use them to connect to our community.

Community Partner Organizations

We cannot solve the problems in our community alone. We depend on an expansive network of caring and dedicated community partners to help us achieve successful outcomes for each of our clients. This is a list of those with whom we work most closely.   More info...

Housing Council Documents

The Housing Council has generated original documents that have proven key to regional housing policy decisions. The most important of which being The Analysis to Impediments to Fair Housing Choice, 2005. We have partnered with other organizations in years past such as the Center for Governmental Research to produce papers that figure prominently in our regional housing debate.   More info...