Coordinated Access Task Force Resource Page

The following is a list of resources that may be helpful to members of the Coordinated Access Task Force.  This list will grow over time and please feel free to suggest other items that you think may be helpful.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Just Do It. How Providers in Skid Row Implemented a Coordinated Entry System in 100 Days

On this call, we will hear from members of an LA team that recently designed and implemented a Coordinated Entry System (CES) for LA’s Skid Row area. LA’s Home for Good (of the United Way of Greater Los Angeles) conceived of and funded this groundbreaking project and continues to lead the team effort, which is now focused on refining and scaling up the system. Coordinated Entry is something many communities talk about for years, but often never get started. You’ll be inspired when you hear about what’s possible in just 100 days! And you can steal some of the LA ideas and tools for your community (i.e., don’t reinvent the wheel!). The resources available to download here include the presentation slides, the Skid Row CES Client Tracking Tool and the RUSH Application.  Click here to learn more and view the tools.

Homelessness Resolution Strategy Rochester and Monroe County Final Report Prepared for the City of Rochester Final Report 9-30-12 rev 3-7-13

Homeless Resolution Powerpoint Presentation Homelessness Solutions