Greece and Parma receive funding to rebuild after flooding –

Greece and Parma receive funding to rebuild after flooding

by: Velvet Spicer

The towns of Greece and Parma have received $942,000 to restore and rebuild following last year’s Lake Ontario flooding, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced last week. The funding is being used to reimburse for emergency costs as well as rebuild and fortify the infrastructure to protect communities from future damage.

The state has committed $55 million to recovery efforts to support homeowners, small businesses and community infrastructure.

“Last year these Monroe County communities experienced severe flooding along the shores of Lake Ontario, and we continue to stand with members of our New York family who are still recovering,” Cuomo said in a statement Thursday. “This funding will continue to give real relief (to) these communities and help Greece and Parma build back stronger and smarter than ever before.”

The Town of Greece has been awarded more than $576,000 to cover reimbursements related to the flood damage, inspection services for potentially at-risk areas and the implementation of traffic control measures. Roughly 97,000 residents were affected by the flooding that occurred along the Lake Ontario coastline from Braddock Bay to Round Pond.

Parma has received more than $366,000 in grant funds to cover emergency expenses, inspection services for at-risk areas, traffic control measure, the purchase of equipment to pump overburdened storm drains and other items. Some 16,000 residents were affected by major flood damage where a break wall eroded.

“The flooding of Lake Ontario in 2017 took a significant toll on public infrastructure and therefore impacted every local taxpayer, not just those who live near the lake,” Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo said. “Our county teams worked hard to ensure that no public services were disrupted by the flooding, but even now we are still repairing impacted infrastructure while reinvesting in improvement projects to prevent future damage.” / 585-653-4021
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Greece and Parma receive funding to rebuild after flooding 

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