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Tackling Monroe County’s “zombie homes”

by: WHAM

Monroe County, N.Y. – It has been one year since Monroe County formed a task force to decrease the number of “zombie homes,” or vacant properties.

Now, that task force is taking action with two initiatives that were announced Friday morning.

The county’s vision is to increase the vibrancy of communities and part of that is by working together.

The task force will create a homeowners fair, which will be a proactive approach to help prevent people from losing their homes.

The county also wants to create a hub where banks and property owners can work together.

If for some reason someone has to walk away from their home, the task force can steer would-be vacant homes to non-profit groups for better use or for people in need.

“I think anyone who has ever lived near or next to one of these properties has experienced the loitering issues,” said Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello.

Rochester City Council member Jackie Ortiz agrees.

“The potential for drug activity and just the blight that it causes in the neighborhood is bringing down property value,” said Ortiz. “That’s exactly why we have this task force.”

So far, recommendations were made for 24 vacant properties and progress has been made on 17 of those homes.

The task force is also asking for the community to be involved. To report or make a recommendation on homes in the area, call the hotline at 800-342-3736.

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