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Counting the homeless in Monroe County – Rochesterfirst.com

Counting the homeless in Monroe County

News 8 takes a ride-along with a group of volunteers trying to make a difference

by: Sajad Hoffman-Hussain

Teams of trained volunteers met up in Rochester on Tuesday night to find and interview area homeless persons for an annual nationwide homeless count and survey.

Over 100 volunteers helped out with the initiative, which continued into Wednesday morning. News 8’s Wakisha Bailey went along with them to find out why.

The first team met at 7:30 p.m., with a second team spreading out across the City of Rochester at 1:30 a.m., looking for homeless people in soup kitchens, libraries, parks, and streets.

Nick Coulter, from Person-Centered Housing Options, said counting people not in shelters helps them receive funding for homeless programs.

The Homeless Continuum of Care and PCHO conduct this count annually for HUD, to help provide a look at what our homeless population demographics might be here in Monroe County.

The aim is to increase funding opportunities with reliable data, and to teach us how best to create a responsive system to end homelessness altogether.

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