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Vacant property task force created for Monroe County
By: Wham

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – A task force on vacant and abandoned properties has been created for Monroe County.

Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello announced the task force Thursday to help focus attention on and help local governments deal with the issue.

Bello and Rebecca Caico, Senior Staff Attorney at the Empire Justice Center, will serve as co-chairs of the task force.

According to Bello, the task force will work to reduce the number of properties going into foreclosure by working to “develop and identify best practices for local governments and identify solutions to have vacant properties re-occupied.”

“Issues related to vacant properties continue to plague neighborhoods across New York State, and communities everywhere are struggling to find solutions to this multi-faceted problem,” Caico said. “It’s become clear here in Monroe County that we will not be successful in addressing the problems that surround vacant properties until experts from all parts of the community work together.”

In addition, the task force will work to better maintain vacant properties, make recommendations and advocate for regulatory changes to state and federal government, and support current efforts.

Representatives of local government, banks, neighborhood groups and community leaders in the field of housing will also be asked to join the task force.

“Vacant properties have represented a blight in our neighborhoods and a constant threat to redevelopment efforts,” said George Moses, Executive Director of North East Area Development, Inc. (NEAD). “This task force will begin to address many of the underlying systemic issues which have attributed to this community issue.”

Two subgroups will be meeting to address the issues: one focusing on governmental policies and the other on the foreclosure process.

Public input sessions will be announce later this summer and a report will be issued in the early fall.

Bello had made the task force one of the first items on his agenda when he was sworn into office earlier this year.

Below, you can find a list of current community leaders and lawmakers on the task force:

Vacant and Abandoned Property Task Force