City of Geneva to require inspections for rent-assisted housing


GENEVA — The city is home to more than 200 individuals and families who receive temporary rent voucher assistance from Ontario County. The city and county announced Wednesday that a new policy will require that operating permits be issued for homes hosting rent supported residents. To obtain an operating permit, the house must pass a safety, sanitary and security inspection. The new policy was developed by the city’s Problem Properties Task Force and the Ontario County Department of Social Services. It is scheduled for a phased-in implementation. As of Nov. 9, any new applicants for temporary housing assistance from the county will need to demonstrate that the residence they are preparing to occupy has received an operating permit within 30 days of residency.

Residences with no active operating permit will face suspension of rent payments.

For property owners currently being paid through the county-supported voucher program, operating permits will be required to be in place prior to Feb. 8, 2016.

Operating permits can be obtained by scheduling an inspection through the city fire marshal’s office at 789-5311. Inspections will be conducted in accordance with the New York State Uniform Building Fire Code.

The city will provide DSS with a list of all structures in the city that have an active, valid operating permit, updated monthly. The new policy does not apply to hotel placements by DSS.  read more…