Lawmakers call for supportive housing funding October 22, 2015

Lawmakers call for supportive housing funding

A call for supportive housing across the state.


State lawmakers are calling for thousands of supportive housing units to be built across the state. They are apartments for people who are homeless, or struggling with mental illness or addiction.

Legislators and community organizations met today at The Carriage Factory. It’s an affordable housing building that they say could be used a template for supportive housing. Residents of the building and community leaders say this site is helping turn their neighborhood around.

The Carriage Factory Apartments are nearing their one-year anniversary in December. Already, neighborhood organizations are realizing the site is seeing significant changes.

Half of the residents receive support services. The other half don’t.

Dawn Soto of the Susan B. Anthony Neighborhood Association says the area has seen a decline in illegal activity since The Carriage Factory opened 10 months ago. She would like to see more supportive housing in the city, after noticing large homes being turned into boarding houses.

Roderick Harrison is a resident of The Carriage Factory Apartments, who was formerly homeless. This Vietnam Vet found a safe and secure place to live.

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