City Councilman proposes law against non-acceptance of Section 8 October 27, 2015

City Councilman proposes law against non-acceptance of Section 8



On craigslist, many landlords say upfront in their advertisements they will not accept Section 8.
Councilman Adam Mcfadden’s proposed law would ban those kinds of ads.
His law would allow landlords to consider a tenant’s entire income when making rental decisions, but not the source of a person’s income if it includes Section 8 and other government benefits.

“They don’t have the right to discriminate,” says councilman Adam Mcfadden. “And this is about discrimination, by making a determination about people they haven’t even met yet and it’s very similar to when people discriminated against people because of color, or religion or sexual preference, it’s the same thing.”
Landlord Mary D’alessandro says, “The city holds me accountable for the maintenance of the property. They hold me accountable for tenants’ behaviors. I should have the right to put in that unit who I want.”

The Section 8 program was designed to give poor people more choice in where to live, but the majority of housing voucher recipients remain in Rochester’s poor neighborhoods.
City council will take up Mcfadden’s proposal in the coming days.

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