Foodlink Opens Second Community Store -Time Warner Cable News-August 4,2015

Foodlink Opens Second Community Store
By: TWC News Staff

Foodlink officially opened its second community store Tuesday afternoon on Carter Street. This is all part of the community store initiative project. Foodlink awarded a grant to T&K Fresh Corner Community Store with funding from Citizens Bank and the Healthy Food Healthy Communities Fund. The building went through extensive renovation leading shoppers to focus on fresh veggies, fruit and overall healthier eating.

“I won’t have to smell the alcohol or the cigarette smoke when I’m getting my food. I think they need to have more places like this. I think it would do the community some good,” said Rose Chester of Rochester.

“This is one of the very few stores in the whole city that I know of that doesn’t have any of the three BLT, beer, lotto and tobacco and that’s really a testament to the commitment of the store owners and their desire to have a store that is providing healthy options and a healthy environment in general for the community,” said Mitch Gruber, Foodlink director of programs and innovation.

All of the food is considered affordable and is WIC and SNAP approved.

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