Section 8 Landlord and Resident Scam, PLEASE READ.

BEWARE: Section 8 Landlord Scam

A landlord on the affiliated Public Housing Authority’s Section 8 Program was recently the victim of a scam. Someone called the landlord and told him he was in danger of being taken off the program because he missed a mandatory landlord meeting. He was told he would have to pay $9.95 for a landlord certification to keep his property on the program. The fee was to be paid by credit card. The caller ID indicated the call was from the Housing Authority. Unfortunately, he complied and significant financial damage was done. While we do not know of any similar incident in any other state or with any of the multifamily Section 8 owners, I am told that once a scam like this pops up, it moves geographically and even across similar target groups. No legitimate Housing Authority official will ever contact you and ask for credit card information.

BEWARE: Section 8 Resident Scam

We have received several reports of email chains and Facebook postings offering “Section 8 Assistance” or “Section 8 Applications” on bogus Section 8 websites. Currently Section 8 is closed. There is no way to submit an application, either online or at our offices. Please note: there is never a fee to apply for Public Housing or Section 8. Do not provide any sensitive information and do not ever provide your credit card information to a website asking you to pay for a Section 8 application.