Why You Should Never Purchase a Home Without a Home Inspection

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Michael Thaxton

Summer is the perfect time of year to consider buying a new home. However, the process of finding the right house for you isn’t always that simple, and you might end up looking at several homes before making your final choice.
Even when you have found the house you want to buy, it’s essential that you have a home inspection done before making your down payment, according to a June 7 Daily News Journal article.

Home inspections are usually standard when it comes to the closing process of buying a house. Even if you have reasons to want to skip the step of a home inspection, you should never leave it out of the home-buying process.

According to the Daily News Journal, it is important to have a home inspection so you can be more informed about the house you plan to buy, and protected from buying a house with major problems that the seller hasn’t told you about.

Your home inspector will provide you with a number of different pieces of information about your prospective house. Home inspectors evaluate the house’s physical condition, construction and mechanical systems, the Daily News Journal reports.

“(A home inspection) methodically identifies items that need repaired or replaced,” the article says. “Well-prepared reports estimate the remaining life of the major systems, equipment, structure and finishes.”

A home should be priced fairly according to its condition and state of repair. And if you aren’t prepared to conduct the extensive repairs a home inspection reveals are necessary, you might want to look into buying a newer dwelling instead.

Home inspections shouldn’t be looked at as a nuisance or an unwanted obligation as you move through the home-buying process. Home inspectors can help you determine if your perfect house is really all that it seems at a first glance.