The Housing Council at PathStone Partnership with Visions Federal Credit Union

The Housing Council at PathStone is partnering with Visions Federal Credit Union to offer a pilot Post-Purchasing Counseling program for 70 new homeowners each year by receiving $5,000 annually for the next three years.

The Housing Council at PathStone is one of New York State’s largest HUD-approved comprehensive housing counseling agencies. The Housing Council is a not-for-profit corporation founded in 1971, in Rochester, New York. The Housing Council provides landlord and tenant education, foreclosure prevention, pre-purchase counseling, emergency housing services and fair housing education. The Housing Council provides property management tools and strategies to landlords in order to enhance their business skills and familiarize them with their rights and responsibilities.

Individuals and families who purchase new homes face a variety of obstacles. New homeowners are often approached by people offering them new services, products or equity secured financing. The temptation to increase personal debt is high. Budget/credit management and managing property insurance often causes confusion without the right guidance or information. Exploring and understanding options regarding the various uses of home equity are cumbersome and difficult to understand. Recognizing these potential problems, The Housing Council at PathStone will implement this pilot Post-Purchasing Counseling Program.

The Housing Council at PathStone will serve 70 households annually with one Post-Purchase Counseling Education Class offered at different times during spring/summer and fall/winter sessions. Our Post-Purchase Education Counseling program will include the following:

• Education provided from a Certified Housing Counselor
• Budget and credit management
• Financial Management
• Managing property insurance and taxes
• Energy Conservation and programs
• Home maintenance education and information on loan programs and other resources

Classes will be held one time per family/household. As an incentive to participate, each household will receive a $50 gift card to Home Depot to be used toward housing maintenance. Refreshments will also be served.

A presentation of the first check for this program was received by The Housing Council at PathStone on June 23, 2014 from Regina Seabrook, Branch Manager of Visions Federal Credit Union in Rochester and Timothy R. Strong, Business Development Manager of Visions Federal Credit Union to Stuart Mitchell, CEO/President of PathStone Corporation and Susan Boss, Executive Director of The Housing Council at PathStone.

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