Lake Ontario Real Estate Sales Take Off

Provided by Michael Thaxton

Approximately 40 million people move annually. This year, a growing number of Americans have their sights set on Lake Ontario real estate, The Democrat & Chronicle reports. “The lakefront real estate market is back since the recession eased,” real estate expert Bob Blain explains. “This year buyers are looking at the west side of Lake Ontario for values.”
Although the properties appeal to individuals and families from all different backgrounds, Blain admits that they are particularly popular with couples whose children recently left for college. The waterfront is the ideal place to relax alone as a couple — or to entertain, The Democrat & Chronicle explains. Moreover, would-be property owners are likely to snag the best deals in the Lake Ontario and Irondequoit Bay areas. The waters are only somewhat choppier, and the cottages and waterfront properties are significantly cheaper than comparable houses on The Finger Lakes, especially those located on or near Canandaigua Lake.

Despite what many believe, prices are not necessarily determined by the size of cottages or homes. Instead, homes are priced based on their proximity to the lake. “Buyers tend to prefer homes on lake level versus ones that are perched up high,” The Democrat & Chronicle continues.