Making a More Livable Community For Seniors-TWC News-January 28, 2014

Making a More Livable Community For Seniors
TWC News Staff

Monroe County is one of only six communities in the nation selected to participate in what’s called a Living Communities for All Ages Collaborative.

The National Association of Area Agencies on Aging put together a training workshop Tuesday. The goal is to focus on ways to meet the needs of residents across their lifespan.

With some 150,000 people age 65 and older living in Monroe County, the focus is evaluating aging programs and making sure the infrastructure supports them.

“Having access is so important for people to remain independent and in their own homes, so having good public transit, having good volunteer services and having good specialized transportation like us is all part of a fabric of community transportation in a community to make it more livable,” said Bill McDonald, Medical Motor Service of Rochester.

The evaluation process continues the next six months. There’s a two-day national symposium in Washington D.C. this summer where stakeholder teams will share their strategies.