Arkansas Lt. Gov. in foreclosure dispute with bank

Proving that politicians aren’t immune to the foreclosure crisis, Arkansas’ lieutenant governor Mark Darr is facing a lawsuit filed by a bank alleging he is late on his payments, Jonesboro, Ark.

Darr claims he is not late on his payments although the lawsuit alleges he missed four consecutive payments in a row from Signature Bank of Arkansas.

The bank has filed a lawsuit in Benton County to foreclose on the Springdale home of Lt. Gov. Mark Darr, but the northwest Arkansas Republican disputes that he is in arrears.

Darr told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Friday he hadn’t missed payments on either of two loans on the $275,800 home. The house is in a part of Springdale that extends into Benton County.
The lawsuit says Darr has missed payments for four consecutive months on two loans from Signature Bank of Arkansas. The suit claims Darr owes $256,074 on one loan and $29,771 on the other.
Darr told the newspaper he wasn’t aware of the lawsuit and that’s it’s inaccurate to claim he missed the four loan payments. Darr told the paper he’d give the bank a call.