What to Expect During Your Foreclosure Prevention Appointment

1.   To get started you can call us at 585-546-3700 x 3036 or toll free at 866-669-1688. The intake specialist will set up an appointment for you to meet with a Foreclosure Prevention Counselor.  At that time, the intake specialist will send you a confirmation and a list of items you should bring to your appointment.  Note. If you prefer a phone appointment, the paperwork would need to be sent to us before we can schedule an appointment. Download Intake Forms

2.    During the appointment your counselor will discuss your situation with you including:

  • What caused (is causing) your hardship
  • We will help develop a budget to determine the best resolution (it will be helpful to know your monthly expenses before you meet with your counselor)
  • We may make suggestions of ways to increase income/decrease expenses.
  • We will explain the New York State Foreclosure Process and explain the varying workout options to stay in your home or transition out.

3.    At the end of the appointment the counselor will give you a client action plan.  This plan summarizes your situation, states the course of action and lists some strategies for you.

4.    After the 3rdparty authorization is set up with lender/servicer, your counselor will contact your lender/servicer to discuss your situation and options. If applicable, you and your counselor will gather the necessary documents to submit to your lender/servicer. The counselor will assist in submitting the application; they will also follow up on the status of your application until a plan has been set up.  Please keep in mind that the process of review can be long (60-90 days on average).

5.    Your counselor will continue to keep you updated on the progress of your application. Your file will remain open with your counselor through the entire process. And they will be able to answer ANY questions you have during this process.