Home Owner Repair Grants Information

List of agencies that provide Home Owner Repair Grants/Loans:    

1.   NEAD North East Area Development, Inc

  • Emergency Assistance Repair Program (EARP)
  • Offers up to $250 – $3500 depending on the nature of the repair
  • Call (585) 482-7320 for more information

2.   Group 14621

  • Provides Home Owner repair grants to residents in the 14621 region
  • Call  (585) 266-4693 for more information

3.   SWPC (South Wedge Planning Committee)

  • Emergency assistance repair grants available to residents located in the South West portion of the city.
  • Homeowners must have lived in the house for at least 3 years
  • Homeowner did not receive a home repair grant from the city in the past 10 years.
  • Call (585) 256-1740 for more information

4.   Marketview Heights Association

  • Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program
  • Assistance available for single-family owner occupied households located in the Marketview Heights section of the city.
  • Eligibility is based on the household size and income
  • Call (585) 423-1540 for more information

5.   Accessibility grants

  • CP Rochester, call (585) 334-6000 ext 1225
  • Independent Living,, call (585) 442-6470

6.   Monroe County Home Improvement Program

  • Homeowners must live in the suburban towns and villages
  • Contact the community development office for more information, (585) 753-2000

7.    PathStone Weatherization Assistance Program

  • Assists income-eligible families and individuals by reducing heating/cooling costs and improving the safety of homes or rented property
  • Outside of Rochester City limits in Monroe County
  • Homeowners at or below 60% of area median income.
  • Call (585) 442-2030 for more information

8.   Home Rochester

  • Eligibility: First time buyers at or below 80% of the area median income
  • Rehabilitation of dilapidated single family homes in the City of Rochester
  • Call (585) 428-6888 for more information

9. City of Rochester

For more information about City Grants click here.

10. Community Development Corporation

Available Property Rehabilitation Services:

  • Owner Representation
  • Scope of Work Reports and Inspections
  • Escrow of Project Funds
  • Construction Management
  • Project Warranty
    Call (585) 254-8090 or click here for more information.

NeighborWorks® Home improvement loans

  • Low interest rates
  • Available throughout Greater Rochester
  • Grants available for single-family homes
  • Call (585) 325-4170 for more details

Monroe County Home Improvement Loans

  • Grants and low interest loans
  • Suburban Monroe County residents only
  • Must have owned home at least one full year
  • Call (585) 753-2000 for more information

Town of Greece

  • Limited home repair grants
  • Call (585) 723-2384 or (585) 723-2381 for details

Town of Irondequoit

  • Limited home repair grants
  • Call (585) 336-6021 for details

Rural Development

  • Low interest loans for low-income families in rural areas. (5 counties)
  • Call (585) 343-0442, Ext. 2200.

Action for a Better Community

  • Weatherization and insulation grants
  • Call (585) 442-4160.

If you have any questions call our Housing Hotline at 585-546-3700 (1PM to 4PM)  or e-mail your question to us at thc@pathstone.org

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